Working with the body in many forms

Jewellery, Life modelling, Activism • these are the main mediums I use to explore our time here on earth and turn it into art

Victoria is a Jeweller/Metalworker primarily and also trained with international knifemaker, Will Ferraby - ( She is an artist/art model who loves to curate exhibitions, life drawing classes and set design.

Her motto, 'Your body is your own creative project', finds its meanings on many levels including body positivity, self empowerment, exploration, body adornment, self expression and ultimately the body as art art form; a vessel that carries you through life whichever way you chose. 

She loves to craft meaningful objects, work together in collaborations and host events centered around art. Fuelled by an interest in materials experimentation and concept exploration, the outcome of her work is contemporary, finely tuned and close to the heart.

Victoria's work is rooted in the ethos that our bodies are beautiful - all shapes, sizes, genders, colours – therefore a lot of her work is based around body adornment. There are few recurring themes that have been unintentional and over time it has become clear that they are all along a similar thread of respecting life, thinking positively and helping people to feel empowered with their own uniqueness.

Victoria busy in her studio - Photography by Nathan Gibson -

Victoria busy in her studio - Photography by Nathan Gibson -


Victoria works in a little workshop with her partner down in Neepsend, Kelham Island, Sheffield, UK.