Homer - The Greatest Art Swap of All Time - Commissioned by James Langdon

Homer was once a cat who lived with James Langdon, a prestigious gem cutter based in Brighton, England. 

After meeting Victoria in a Nordic Bar when she happened to be carrying some silver bees she had recently just cast using the lost wax process, he said to her, 'I wonder if you would like to do an art swap with an idea I've had for a while?'. Then, explaining his vast collection on antique silverware, he said how he would like a modern piece to add to the collection - obviously she excitedly jumped at the chance and the rest is history! This is where Homer came in.

A solid silver, life-size cast of a cat skull in return for an expansive, unique & beautiful collection of hand designed and cut gems.

The art swap became a two year long project that involved careful and meticulous gem cutting from James, hand designing each facet on a specialist CAD program. Even experimenting with concave cutting exquisite precious stones such as aquamarine, topaz, opal, tourmaline and many more. At the other end of the country in Yorkshire was yet more meticulous 3d scanning and 3d printing of the cat skull. Once the initial shape had been printed, moulds were made and then replicas made in wax where Victoria hand carved the detail back in. She then cast a bronze test piece, carving even more detail into this piece where a final (fourth!) mould was made and a wax piece taken from this. It was finally ready to cast with what was nearly a kilo of sterling silver.