Meat as a Precious Material - 2013

This project was born out of a passion for conscious living. For respecting animals and the environment and alerting people to the sometimes wasteful nature in which we treat our resources. Originally this art jewellery collection started as Victoria's degree show work in 2013 but has since featured in a number of exhibitions including the Wirksworth Art and Architecture Trail, New Designers, Gage Gallery as well as featured articles in Arts Thread and The ACJ. Most of the collection has been sold in its various parts but a few originals still remain. The main pieces are photographed below as well as some of the art that was made as research towards the final collection.

'The aim of entire project was to show how much respect we should have that an animal has given its life for us to benefit - using the medium of jewellery and precious metals to put into context how precious a material meat really is.'            Victoria, 2013

Some of the images and jewellery pieces may be considered of a controversial nature, please bear in mind that this Art Jewellery collection has been made in order to inspire positive change in the meat industry - no animals were harmed in the making of this collection, all (though there are few in order to value and utilise all parts of them) were obtained from fish mongers and reptile food stores. They have now been immortalised in precious metals using the lost wax process in order that they make a statement about a less wasteful society. The first image of the ribcage brooch is actually made of silver and rubber!


Scroll through the carousel to see some of the development work. Some of these pictures are of a controversial nature however the art is made with the intention of making a statement about animal cruelty which in turn needs to be shocking in order to inspire change.